How To Order

1.   Choose which artwork you want to order!

Choose what type of artwork you want to order (Realist Drawing, Caricature Drawing, Painting, or Digital Caricature). Examples and types of Artwork can be seen in the "services" menu or in our Instagram and Facebook.

2.   Contact Us

After choose the artwork that you want to order, ask the our deadline (did we can do the artwork according to the deadline time you want).

Contact us at:

Call & SMS: +6289676204522

Whatsapp: +6289676204522


3.   Fill Order Form

We will provide the order form to you, or you can request the order form directly to us. After sending the order form to us, we will count the prices.

4.   Send Photos

We recommend you send high-resolution photos, to make work easier. We will accept the photos you submit when the photo meets our standards.

5.   Transfer Down Payment

DP transfer is at least 50%, or it can be paid full-payment. Ask our Bank Account or PayPal email for transfer.

6.   Confirm

After transfer, confirm to us by sending the transfer receipt. We will check it out. Artwork will start process after the transfer process.

7. Work Process

Work is done according to the time agreed, also according to the concept that you fill in the order form. After the artwork is finish, we will send it to you for review. We give a small revision to the artwork, if the artwork requires a little improvement or additional. If it is fixed, we are ready to send it to you.

8.   Repayment

If you previously paid DP, then after the artwork is fix, you must make pay the rest of total prices.

9.   Artwork Send

After the fix and payment is full paid, we will send Artwork to you (main shipping is from Madiun, East Java, Indonesia).


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